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Craftsman, in the old time, refers to a craftsman, and later refers to a craftsman or a person who is good at writing. Today we are talking about fewer and fewer craftsmen, not only those who rely on their unique skills to make a living in all walks of life, but also those who are good at writing.


With the large-scale development and popularization of mechanization, the living space of artisans has been compressed to the extreme. Almost everything is produced by machines, and with the vigorous promotion of artificial intelligence, these craftsmen who have rich experience in their own industry and live by craft have a more difficult life.


The time is not right. If traditional handicrafts can't keep up with the trend, they will gradually fade out of people's vision and eventually go to decline. The increasing number of intangible cultural heritage projects does not mean that the ancient Chinese culture has a long history, but rather that more and more traditional skills are facing the situation of loss.


Whether it is a unique performer in the crosstalk field, the generational inheritance of the Beijing Flyover skill, or the cobbler, shoemaker, and shaver in the streets and alleys of childhood have become rare landscapes. These craftsmanship skills, like endangered wild animals, are gradually disappearing from the world.


The pace of life in modern society is faster and faster, and young people are more and more lazy. Both work and life pay attention to efficiency. Those inefficient craftsmanship that pay attention to details and perfection have to go into a downturn when no one comes to visit.


Quality,封神之天启电视剧网盘免费在线观看 tenacity and assiduous pursuit are the core elements of the craftsman's spirit. However, these things need time to be honed and refined before they can precipitate an intriguing and even thought-provoking charm in the long-term work and life in the future.


Contemporary people are very persistent in the pursuit of money and other benefits. Craftsmen need to pay a lot of manpower and material resources, even money, to accumulate experience and sharpen their consciousness.


They are more concerned about the reality, money and other benefits they can get, which can not all blame young people. This is a problem of social ethos, and it is also a comprehensive counter-attack of generations under the strong indoctrination of parents and teachers that "losing is a blessing" and "refining into steel".


The proverb "teach apprentices, starve to death" is not just a saying. As a craftsman, everyone has his own lesson in his heart. It is impossible for every apprentice to give it to him, and it is impossible for all the skills at the bottom of the box to be taught.


Of course, the inheritance of craftsmanship can't be copied like that of mechanical production, and its core can't be freely disclosed. But if a thing is to develop, it must contact with new things, and even learn to integrate and tolerate.


Without the full integration of Wing Chun, Taekwondo and boxing, there would be no Jeet Kune Do; There would be no grand event in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States without the cooperation and cooperation of Su Qin and Zhang Yi...